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The Seymour Oil Company LLC. made small donations of home heating oil to those in need in the local community. Tell us who YOU want our company to donate to!!

The Seymour Oil Company

The Seymour Oil Company LLC. made a donation of 400 gallons of oil to TEAM Inc. to help out those in need of heating assistance this winter. A big thank you to TEAM Inc. for all that they do in the local community.

Who Would You Like Us To Donate To?!

We at The Seymour Oil Company donate to many different charities across Connecticut. If you would like to make a suggestion for a charity you would like to see us donate to, give us a call at 203-888-1700 or email us at and tell us who you want us to make a donation to !

In The Community

As a start up Oil and Propane home delivery company, The Seymour Oil Co. strives to give back to the community, much like our trusted partner Allen's Plumbing Supply. With over 45 years of local business in Seymour and it's surrounding towns, Allen's Plumbing Supply is embedded into the Valley Area Community. This is something that we are striving to achieve at The Seymour Oil Company. With donations of oil to local Seymour residents, and working closely with Team Inc., we are doing everything we can to give back to the local community. We don't want to only be known for delivering your oil or propane, but as a neighbor and friend for many years to come.